Kita International

Welcome to the website of the Kita International

We are a bilingual kindergarten with a focus on the English and German languages and offer places for 180 children between the ages of 3-6 years. They usually transfer to the Berlin International School, whose campus we share.  The organization and pedagogical proximity to Berlin International School is reflected in our location: Kita International  is located on the campus of Berlin International School in the beautiful neighbourhood of Dahlem. Parks, playgrounds and the Grunewald forest are all easily accessible either by foot or public transportation.

Our  families  come from all over the world and our joint language is English. Children are placed in eleven age-homogenous groups, taking into consideration nationality and languages spoken at home.

Our open-minded  educators and teachers  come from many different countries and bring their shared passion for young children’s education to the job. We all enjoy sharing our home culture with the children and look forward to welcoming the children’s cultures in our Kita to create the vibrant international community for which we are known throughout Berlin and beyond.

Parents  are an important part of our community. Shared events are held at various times of the year, for example to celebrate the German holidays of St Martin in November and Christmas in December. Throughout the year, there are numerous occasions on which parents, children and staff come together and mingle.